New Facility!

The Largest Martial Arts School in Cache Valley

Member of USA TAEKWONDO an Olympic Sanctioned Club

Member of USA JUDO an Olympic Sanctioned Club


Associated and Partnered With Cache Valley Martial Arts and Fitness

September 21st 

Open House and Womens Self Defense Seminar!

  • Personal fitness
  • women's self defense
  • Olympic taekwondo
  • Locatons in Logan and Smithfield

Searching for Fitness ? No problem.

AKF Martial Arts of Cache Valley

AKF martial arts of cache valley has you covered


With Over 11 years in Cache Valley and 22 years in Utah, AKF Martial Arts provides Martial Arts training and fitness to all people.  Whether a long time Martial Artist or a brand new beginner you will find a home here. We have locations in Logan and Smithfield Utah.

  • specialized Kids programs
  • Olympic Judo
  • certified instructors
  • ​Children's Playroom